BMW i8 announced on September 10th


BMW i8 September 10th

We’ve seen the array of electric cars coming through the mills, however the majority being small town cars like the BWM i3 or a hybrid that looks terrible (the Prius). Heres where the BMW i8 comes to play, with a jaw dropping silhouette and an eco power source deliver an electric sports car that no one would turn down! The car is suspected to have a range or around 100 miles with charging taking up to 6 hours which in comparison to its competitors is quite a while.

Recently there was an amazing review on Top Gear about the Mercedes-Benz SLS Electric drive which showed the pros and cons of the modern day electric sports car. The numbers behind the AMG Beast do slightly dwarf the i8’s with a range closer to 155 miles and a 3 hour fast charge.

Time will tell but i think the electric car game is about to get very interesting in the next few years, but lets all wait with baited breathe for tomorrow official announcement from BMW.

Trailer : YouTube 


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