Getting kicked out of the Airlock doesn’t mean certain death


So Sci-fi fans, getting booted out of an airlock doesn’t necessarily mean certain death. Scientists are saying that the human body could potential withstand vacuum conditions for a couple of minutes without sustaining any long term damage. With accidents and test data they found that chimpanzees recovered fully with no signs of harm after being exposed to vacuum conditions for over 3.5 minutes.

It’s true that if you don’t hold your breath you’ll lose consciousness within 20 seconds which would mean that if you were kicked out of an airlock you might not be able to do anything about it, however if it’s an accidental ejection your team and crew could potentially recover your body and you’d stand a pretty good chance of recovering fully! With all that said i think we’re safe from airlock evacuations for now but with the advances in commercial space travel rapidly expanding we could all be floating around sooner than we expect.

Full Article, Scientific America :


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