Smart watches are coming!


So i backed Pebble on KickStarter in May 2012 and after a year and a half it arrived through my door (after paying duty tax). Honestly the best thing i’ve purchased since getting my iPhone. At first I thought why do i really need another device telling me whats happening on my phone, but as soon as it reached my wrist i haven’t been able to live without it.

The pebble watch has been amazing, as expected with any new product it does have its flaws such as maintaining a connection with your smartphone however with every update to the Pebble firmware these bugs are being ironed out. With a jailbroken iPhone you can install multiple applications that push all notifications to all bluetooth devices. This is really useful until Pebble manage to nail their connection issues.

The emergence of smart watch technology is just around the corner with rumours building about the Apple iWatch and Samsung Gear which are set to take on the market later this year.

In my opinion the smart watch game has been won by the KickStarter backed Pebble, with no other watch rivalling its 7-11 day battery life i think it’s going to be a tough one for the competitors, however we know that the integration these devices will have with counterpart phones will be way beyond the pebbles capacity.

I’ll be posting a review of the Pebble watch later with a shortlist of must have Apps and Watch faces so make sure you visit back soon!

Have you got a Pebble? what has been your experience since owning one? Drop me a comment or shout me over Twitter @neravrao


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