7 Reasons NOT to Upgrade to iOS 7

iOS 7

iOS 7

So as your Facebook and Twitter feeds have probably been full of people commenting on iOS 7 and how ‘amazing’ it is, let me give you the low down on OLDER devices moving to iOS 7.

The new operating system has had a complete vector redesign of all of their graphics, included over 200 new features including dynamic wallpapers and a whole host of ‘prosumer’ business integration such as Per app VPN, improved mail and a new MDM (Mobile Device Management) system for IT admins to set up all the company assigned iPhones.

iOS 7 is available now to download via your iPhone/iPad or directly from iTunes, but should you have rushed to hit the ‘Update’ button? In my opinion NO! and here’s the reasons why.


1: Most apps aren’t compatible yet

The majority of applications will be redesigned and reconfigured to work with iOS 7 but you may find that after you’ve updated a fair few of your apps aren’t showing. In some cases apps that were previously available will need to go through Apple’s rigorous and stringent app approval process which will delay when it’ll be available and compatible with the new iOS.



2: Jailbreak isn’t available YET

For some an iPhone isn’t an iPhone until its been jailbroken and the full potential of the device is made available to the user. As a Pebble Watch owner I use certain add ons to enhance the experience of owning a Pebble, the main ones include BluetoothPush which pushes all notifications to any attached bluetooth devices and SmartStatus which allows me to get additional functionality such as more control over music, weather updates and live stock tickers.

In some cases jailbreaks have been released days after an iOS overhaul but as always theres usually an Apple security update as soon as the Jailbreak patch is released to stop the exploit. However you look at it theres a good chance that it may take weeks or months to jailbreak the new 64bit architecture.



3: The first few weeks are ALWAYS filled with bugs and ‘updates’

According to some estimates prior to the release of iOS 7 there was up to 1% of all iDevices already running a Beta of iOS7, Using these devices as a benchmark Apple would have been able to iron out a fair amount of issues however with the release going public and available for over 85 million iPads, 400 million iPhones and almost 350 million iPods, we can expect a fair few bugs to pop up and get sorted over the following weeks. In all honesty until 2 or 3 Apple updates iOS 7 won’t deliver exactly what it should across all of Apples devices.




4: If it’s a work phone CHECK WITH I.T FIRST

Despite the fact that Apple have created a whole range of enterprise focused features such as the VPN and single sign on support, you’re IT administrators may need you hold off an upgrade until its been approved.

The main issue I guess is in terms of internal mobile device management systems, because of the new iOS 7 features this is going to have to prompt a replacement MDM system for your company which is going to take some time, so if its a work phone WAIT TILL YOU’RE TOLD BT IT TO UPDATE!



5: Older devices will perform sluggishly

From iPhone 4, iPod Touch (5th Gen), iPad 2 tablets and later will all be able to download and install the new iOS 7 update. Not all of the former Apple devices come with all of the new features as the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s or Retina iPad as some of the new features are hardware dependant.

If you’re upgrading to iOS 7 on an older device expect it to grind and behave quite sluggishly if you have low storage or multiple applications open already.



6: Downgrading to iOS 6 may be impossible!

If you’re a jailbreaker you’ll know all about how difficult it can become to downgrade an iPhone or iPad. Apple will most likely stop code-signing iOS 6.1.4 preventing you from being able to get rid of iOS 7 if you’re not a fan.






7: There’s a lock screen Loop hole

If you google ‘iOS7 lock screen loop’ you’ll see how to get into a pass code protected iOS 7 device without entering passcode, so you’re phone security is basically just there for show. I’m certain this will be rectified in the very next update of iOS 7.0.1, but as we’ve discussed so far it’s probably better to wait for all of the bugs to be ironed out before jumping on the iOS 7 bandwagon.



So there’s a short round up of why to wait a little while before committing to iOS 7, if you’ve already taken the leap what do you think of the new iOS? Had any issues or Problems yet? Comment bellow or drop by the Twitter and let me know @neravrao



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