Bing VS Google – google wins for me


So Bing have launched a site called where the good people at Bing ask you to search 5 different search queries, they then show you the Google results page next to the Bing results and ask you to choose which looks better and has the info you needed.

Bing’s Internet advert for the newly launched site shows a presenter offer a bet with members of the public putting a brand new Xbox on the line against every participants jumper…

I did participate in the test (online), trying not to be biased towards either, however after seeing the results of my test found that I preferred the Google results layout in all 5 of my searches… Hmmm I don think Bing wanted that to happen…In other words Bing helped me to see that Google is my preferred search engine… Well done Bing… I think these results may have backfire a little…



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